Contacts and Club Membership information


If you would be interested in joining our club please fill out our Membership Application and bring it to an event or meeting. Or feel free to contact any club officer, or the club secretary Linda Stetser at .

The club officers are:

President - Dave Sinisi

Vice-President - Tim Stetser

Treasurer - Glen Diehl

Secretary - Linda Stetser


Our membership dues are very inexpensive per year, it is $12 for an individual  membership and $20 for a family membership. Please keep in mind yearly membership dues are due on or before the first meeting of the year (3rd Sunday in April) to remain as a good standing member. As with any club you get out of it what you put into it! We ask that you want to participate, show up to meetings, and help out at club scheduled events. We are a group of friends brought together by the love and enjoyment of the Ford Mustang. Your involvement and input only enhances your experience.


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