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Serpentine setup.
11-01-2014, 09:00 AM
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RE: Serpentine setup.
OK, finally got some garage time in my buddies garage. The brackets are from a 93 Bronco, but I believe they might be the same for a few years before and after. Here is what I an starting with.

[Image: engine1.jpg]

I managed to pull all of the accessories and WP off easily enough.

[Image: engine2.jpg]

I have a few issues... The Upper pulley on the driver side is the A/C delete idler, and with the 351 it is too close to the hood for comfort. I found some other pulleys that will fit the bracket and are smaller. The pulley there is 127mm in diameter. I have part numbers for 109mm, 90mm and 70mm pulleys. The sad thing is I was hoping to install the A/C some day so that might be more difficult at this point. The WP is a 85 GT pump, there are 2 different pumps listed one with a 3.5" 6 blade impeller and one with a 4.4" 8 blade impeller. I chose the larger one of the two. And it matches the factory 76 front cover water ports.

[Image: engine3.jpg]

This is also the reason we haven't made it to the parades...
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